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With iOS 16.2, 1.4 billion people will receive 5G

With the impending iOS 16.2 update, iPhones in India will finally be able to take use of 5G speeds.

Developers were given access to the first Release Candidate for iOS 16.2 yesterday, and users who updated quickly saw that 5G capability had been added to their device.

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If you look at Apple’s release notes for iOS 16.2, you won’t find any mention of the new 5G connectivity, but the tweet up above confirms that it’s there.

People in India who wish to utilise 5G will initially need to have an iPhone that is 5G ready. Specifically, one of the iPhone 12, 13, or 14 models. Also necessary is a 5G-capable network connection and a data subscription that allows for 5G speeds. Jio and Airtel are the only two functional networks at the moment.

Activating 5G on the iPhone itself is a potential last barrier, but it will probably happen automatically when the iOS 16.2 update is released.

When 5G is enabled on an iPhone, customers will be able to benefit from increased download and upload speeds, as well as reduced latency, which is particularly useful for activities like playing online games while tethered.

Users have a lot more to look forward to in iOS 16.2 than just 5G support. The update brings compatibility with Freeform, a collaborative notetaking programme that will soon be available for Mac and iPad. When using Always-On Display for the first time on an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, users will also have the option to deactivate their wallpaper.

In addition, the Weather app now features Apple News and has new widgets for managing sleep and medicine.

If no major problems are found with the Release Candidate, Apple is anticipated to release iOS 16.2 to the public within days. Before, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had predicted that it will be out around the middle of December.