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When you restore Windows 11, Microsoft Office might not launch

Caution is advised before attempting to restore Windows 11 from an earlier period by using the 2022 Update rollback feature.

Apps built with the MSIX Windows app format may have bugs or fail to launch after Microsoft released KB5023152, an error message warning users of the issue. This might lead to error warnings or even prevent programmes like Office, Cortana, Notepad, Paint, and Terminal from opening. However, this might also impact other programmes.

Furthermore, the problems fluctuate in frequency and severity. Microsoft outlines the following patterns of action that apps may take:

  • Instead of launching, I get the “This programme can’t open” warning.
  • On certain cases, the programme may appear more than once in the Start menu.
  • It’s possible that an app won’t launch even if you attempt to launch it.
  • As a result of an I/O problem, the app may become unresponsive and eventually crash.
  • The programme may now be launched normally.

Windows 11 22H2, also known as the Windows 11 2022 Update, is the only version of Windows 11 currently affected by the bugs. Microsoft, meanwhile, would not confirm that it is working on a solution. Developers at the firm are now at a loss as to how to fix the problem. Basic troubleshooting would involve attempting to restart the programme, reinstalling the software from the Microsoft Store, and running Windows Update.

Tom’s Hardware, which first reported the bug, noted that reverting to a previous system restore point is ironically another common remedy to an issue with a programme instal. With any luck, Microsoft will have this figured out shortly.