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WhatsApp’s Best Feature Gets a Massive Upgrade

What’s New in WhatsApp for Android v8.11.29 Whatsapp is rolling out a new preview feature for voice messages that should make them even more useful, allowing you to listen to a message after recording it to check for mistakes and the audio quality before sending it.

Voice messaging isn’t anything new, and it’s a great intermediary between real-time voice conversations and time-consuming handwritten notes. This sort of message is considerably more personal than a text and far more adaptable than a phone call. For some time, WhatsApp has allowed you to record and send audio messages to your contacts.

For example, sending a text message has been simple enough until now: simply press the send button and wait for your recipient to read it. However, you may have sent out a message only to find out later that background noise or interference rendered a key portion of what you said inaudible; or perhaps you slurred some of your words but didn’t realize it until the receiver pointed it out.

Take two…

You may now review voice messages after recording them through the new Voice Message Preview option, so you can re-record it if you discover an error or that the sound quality is poor, or if you simply believe you could improve it in some way.

The procedure for using the Voice Message Preview option is straightforward and almost self-evident, but WhatsApp offers the following easy tutorial:

  1. Create a chat room for yourself or others.
  2. To lock hands-free recording, touch the microphone icon and slide it up.
  3. Start speaking
  4. Once finished, tap the stop icon
  5. To hear your recording, press the play button. You may also replay any portion of the recording by tapping it from that timestamp.
  6. To delete a voice message, tap the trash can symbol or press the send button.

So, what do you have to lose? Take the time to preview your next voice message before sending it, knowing that it will sound as good as you desire – no matter how many attempts it takes you!