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What you need to know about Monday’s relaunch of Twitter Blue

Since Elon Musk came over at the tail end of October, things have been a little bit rocky over at Twitter, with much of the attention being focused on the contentious modifications to the Twitter Blue membership plan. According to Twitter’s latest announcement, the initiative will resume operations on Monday.

Twitter’s official account stated in a tweet that Twitter Blue will continue to cost $8 per month, but will increase to $11 per month for iOS signups (after accounting for Apple’s App Store tax). In the UK and Australia, the plan costs £7 per month and AU$7 per month respectively; international pricing for the iOS upgrade has not yet been determined.

One of the most talked-about updates to Twitter Blue is the integration of verification. According to the latest statement, authorised accounts for Blue users with a confirmed phone number will be marked with a blue tick. This suggests that human checks are also being performed.

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In addition, Twitter claims that Blue users’ tweets will be given preference in the following contexts: replies, mentions, and searches. YouTube Red subscribers get to upload longer videos, see fewer commercials, and get access to beta versions of new features before the general public.

At addition to the ability to edit tweets, submit video in 1080p resolution, and switch to a reader mode that makes tweets and threads simpler to comprehend on screen, these will all be capabilities that will be available only to Twitter Blue members.

Additionally, the “official” markings that have been appearing on certain accounts will be replaced with gold checkmarks for companies and grey checkmarks for government and “multilateral” accounts. There has been no explanation as to what would happen to already confirmed users under the old method.

The success of Twitter 2.0

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, and now Twitter, is divisive because of his penchant for rapid-fire invention and change. In the last several months, Twitter has been the site of many experiments and changes.

When it comes to Twitter Blue and the authentication procedure, it may be claimed that Musk has gone too quickly. Even while Twitter Blue existed before he arrived, delivering a blue tick to subscribers while simultaneously increasing fees for those who join up using their iPhones or iPads has made the service more perplexing and controversial.

Having new features that pay makes reasonable – Twitter needs the income, after all – but verification was initially designed to be a method of establishing identity and reliability on Twitter. The prestige of a verified blue badge is diminished now that it may be purchased by anybody with enough money.

How these modifications influence the social network and whether Musk’s vision for Twitter 2.0 will come to fruition are open questions. As the platform develops, no doubt many more will be added as well.