WatchOS 8.3 Causing Charging Issues With The Apple Watch

If you use third-party chargers to charge your Apple Watch, you should postpone upgrading the software to watchOS 8.3 for the time being. This is because, according to Reddit users’ experiences, it appears that after installing the update, the Apple Watch struggles to charge using third-party chargers.

“Updated my watch last night to 8.3, set it on my 3rd party charger this morning, came back after an hour and it had gained maybe 2 percent? Tried the same thing with my spouse’s watch and her 3rd party charger and got the identical result. Put them on the official cable, zoom, done charging in no time. Argh!” Reddit user u/ashfleeburgooben posted.

The post continues by stating that after further testing, it appears that while the watch initially appeared to be charging albeit very slowly, it was discovered that the watch would actually stop charging after a few minutes. Users who purchased 3-in-1 chargers appear to have been affected; however, they add that their iPhones still charge properly using those adapters, but only the Apple Watch is really impacted.

It is currently unknown what occurred in the upgrade that caused Apple Watches to no longer accept third-party chargers, and if it was deliberate or a bug. Regardless of whether this was on purpose, if you use third-party charging cables with your Apple Watch, you should be aware of this issue.