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Videos of a Wild Nature A Bald Eagle Steals a Canada Goose

Even though the United States and Canada get along (usually) well as neighbours, their national birds don’t always get along. Grant Public Utility District in Washington State recently had security cameras catch an unusual sight: a bald eagle swooping into view with a helpless Canada geese in its clutches.

A spokeswoman for the company said on Facebook, “This is something you don’t see every day.” The Wanapum Dam, no less!

Employees in the control room first didn’t believe what they saw and had to replay the surveillance tape, as reported by the Tacoma News Tribune.

Grant PUD spokeswoman Christine Pratt told the paper: “A Canada goose can easily weight an eagle.” The personnel were amazed the eagle could carry such a heavy bird.

Joe Buchanan, a wildlife scientist with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the publication he believes the goose was already dead when it was snatched by the eagle since it didn’t try to get away from the eagle in the video.

The workers saw the eagle land on the lamppost with the goose, and then another eagle, perhaps its mate, joined them.

Several jovial people posted on Facebook.

“Wow. The problem is a typical case of the United States vs Canada “someone put pen to paper.

Someone another said, “That eagle really does seem like it’s going to be feasting on geese at Christmas.”

Another contributor said, “Birds learned to use Uber.”