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Verizon has released a new 5G C-Band Map that shows you where to get the best 5G coverage

The C-Band 5G network of Verizon was activated under the 5G Ultra Wideband class of 5G last week. As a result, 100 million individuals in 1,700 cities would have greater network connectivity, according to the company. The introduction was halted due to the absence of a new 5G coverage map, which would have shown us just where we might find this glistening new 5G. They finally gave us one this past week.

With Verizon’s new 5G map, you can see significant regions of the country that have 5G Ultra Wideband coverage in its deepest, brightest red. Until now, my city (Portland, OR) and others like it had no 5G UW coverage. 5G Ultra Wideband hotspots are popping up all around Portland and the surrounding region, as you can see in the map below. Verizon’s 5G UW was only available in Gresham, east of Portland, over the previous several weeks, and it wasn’t C-Band.

There is a chance, though, that this map only shows Verizon’s plans to roll out their new C-Band 5G, so if you’re running around your city and aren’t seeing much of an increase in download speeds, this may be the reason why. It also requires one of these 5G devices to connect.

Aren’t you seeing a lot of bright red blotches? According to Verizon, there are 1,700 cities in the United States. C-Band activity hasn’t yet appeared in a large city like Spokane, Washington; I’m not sure what it means. You’ll need to enter your own location in the United States to see what coverage is predicted to look like.