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VC Kerty Levy talks about the seed market in the Northeast

When you’re at the outset of a startup, knowledge is power. Understanding the ever-changing VC financing market is crucial whether you’re just starting out, expanding on a friends-and-family basis, or getting ready to pitch investors.

It’s no secret that finding finance has become more difficult in the current economic climate, which is why we’re so excited to have Kerty Levy, managing director of Techstars.

In his talk titled “The State of the Northeast Seed Market,” Levy will update you on how the current state of the economy in the United States is influencing venture capital investments, and how that in turn affects funding trends from the nation’s capital all the way up to New York City and beyond to the greater Boston area.

In what ways will these large cities’ financial environments change this year? Do early-stage startups need to adjust their pitch to local investors? With his considerable local expertise, Levy is a great asset to Techstars, which has its roots in early-stage engagement with founders.

Don’t miss this workshop if you’re an early-stage founder in the Northeast who is raising money for the first time or who is thinking about raising money.

Kerty Levy is the managing director of the Techstars Iowa and Techstars Crypto Boston programmes. She joined Techstars in 2019. Her international experience spans both startup and established business environments, at both the executive and consultancy levels.

Levy has a bachelor’s degree in international relations from UC Davis and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard.