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Users who attempt to log in to Twitter encounter “error” messages due to a severe outage

Earlier today, there was a significant outage on Twitter. A subsequent report indicated that users accessing the platform through the Twitter app on iOS and Android smartphones were also experiencing problems, despite earlier reports suggesting only users of the platform who logged in using Twitter’s online services were experiencing difficulties.

Some Twitter users have reported that they are unable to access the service in any form, including the desktop website and mobile applications. Others claimed that their timelines weren’t displaying correctly.

Pop-up messages prevented users on mobile devices and desktop computers from accessing the site or managing alerts.

Over 10,000 people in the United States have reported problems accessing the social networking website as of 7:40 pm ET. Some users reported being immediately locked out, while others had trouble receiving alerts from Twitter.

Netblocks tweeted that Twitter was suffering “international outages” that were hurting the mobile app and services like alerts, adding that the problem was unrelated to country-level internet interruptions or filtering.

Since Musk took control, he fired a large number of engineers responsible for maintaining the platform, and as a result, experts have warned that the platform is at danger of experiencing frequent outages due to a lack of dedicated maintenance staff. To keep Twitter’s servers and software updated, Musk has employed a small staff of workers, although their numbers pale in comparison to the original maintenance workforce.

It was reported on Twitter by many users who were unable to access the service.

Musk, in usual fashion, even provided a response to one.

Twitter remains choppy in certain regions, despite the fact that services have been restored in many others and a number of individuals who first reported being unable to log in are now saying they are able to do so.