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Twitter Soon will display more political advertisements

Twitter said in a tweet on Monday that it would allow more political advertisements after previous CEO Jack Dorsey banned most of them in 2019. As a result, Twitter will be able to allow more “cause-based advertising,” which might lead to more tweets on civic and social problems.

“We think that advertising with a social purpose may help get the word out about crucial issues. Ads that support a social or environmental cause in the United States will no longer be considered in violation of our advertising guidelines, effective immediately. In the next weeks, we also want to increase the amount of political advertising we allow “what Twitter’s official Safety account had to say. Moving forward, we shall be consistent with the advertising policies of television and other major media.

The decision was made after a time of upheaval for Twitter’s advertising platform. This is in response to the disruption caused by the October 2017 ascension of Elon Musk to the role of CEO at Twitter, which caused several advertisers, including Apple, to temporarily halt their campaigns. After Musk spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook and reassured him, Apple and other corporations allegedly resumed advertising on Twitter.