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Twitter Outage: Thousands of Users Complain About Website Issues

According to reports from hundreds of users, Twitter’s desktop site had a major service interruption on Wednesday.

It’s not your fault if anything went wrong,” the Twitter desktop error notice said. Let’s give it another go.

After 4:38 p.m. PST, more than 10,880 individuals reported having problems getting onto Twitter, according to data compiled by Downdetector. Nearly eighty-three percent of Twitter’s troubled users reported troubles with the desktop client.

NetBlocks, an online service that monitors network activity, stated that Twitter was suffering “international outages impacting the mobile app and functions including notifications.”

The social network has been struggling since billionaire Elon Musk acquired control, and this downtime comes around two months after Musk’s takeover.

On November 17, when hundreds of Twitter workers announced their resignations, concerns grew about the future of the social media platform. Employees have claimed that Musk offered them severance packages whether they stayed and worked long hours to create “a breakthrough Twitter2.0” or left the firm. Half of Twitter’s staff, or 3,700 people, were let go, along with 4,400 contract workers. These significant layoffs were feared to have an effect on the site’s content moderation and infrastructure support services.

This morning, the hashtag #Twitterdown began trending in the United States. There was no quick response to a request for comment from Twitter, which seems to have eliminated its communications staff.