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Trova introduces a chic location for hiding your private parts.

Each of us has a secret hiding spot in the home, away from the curious hands of our offspring. One Las Vegas firm is hoping to convince CES attendees that they have a more fashionable solution to that issue. Trova Home, the company’s third offering, is basically a biometrically secured, fashionable shoe box for the stuff you don’t want little humans to get their fingers on.

The gadget has a sleek look, is offered in many colours, and can be unlocked with either NFC or Bluetooth; the app itself can be secured using the biometric locks included in today’s most popular smartphones. The box’s thin metal and somewhat cheap metal locks likely make it easy to break into the gadget, making the term “safe” a bit of an exaggeration. However, there are already plenty of safes that can be fixed to the wall, floor, or shelves if you require that kind of security. This gadget caters to a certain set of users.

“About 60% of our customers are parents and it seems like parents really understand the use case for the product. They know that there’s nothing off-limits, and yet that privacy is really at a premium when you’ve got kids running around your house. Ultimately what we do is provide people privacy and peace of mind for items that they don’t want either accidentally – or intentionally – discovered,” said Scott Loeppert, Co-Owner of TROVA. “Our use cases typically are sort of divided evenly between the traditional use case of jewelry and valuables and the more illicit use cases for things that you don’t want kids to accidentally discover. Adult bedroom toys, recreational marijuana (where it’s legal), your prescription medications that might be dangerous to kids.”

The Trova’s creator may have said it’s just for legal substances, but if you still have a few pills, tabs, or powders from your college days, you could probably conceal them in there.

The other application is a technological time-out, when all family members’ phones are locked away for a certain period of time. The good thing about this application is that it has two USB-C ports, so you can charge your phones as you eat or relax before a game.

“Parents have been requesting it as a tech timeout tool for quite some time now. Loeppert remarked, “They want to keep their children’s phones in there, and maybe their own or their own phones, at dinner time. And we are include that capability in the new app. It has a timer that you can adjust to open in one, two, or three hours.

The Trova Home will send a notification to the user’s phone if the room temperature or humidity level goes beyond the user’s preset limits, or if the device is tampered with in any way. Sending an alert each time it’s opened is an option as well as sending an alert if the device loses Wi-Fi, whether because it’s moved out of range or some other cause.