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Microsoft Enhances Bing with ChatGPT-Like Features to Compete with Google Search

Though still in its infancy, ChatGPT has already inspired numerous users to predict that OpenAI’s AI chatbot would eventually bring about the end of Google and its monopoly on search engines unless Google does action to prevent it.

Those who have used ChatGPT say that the AI bot should be a major issue for major search engines. Microsoft is committed to ChatGPt and has announced plans to integrate several ChatGPT functionality into Bing.

There have been a number of internet claims claiming that the team in charge of Google’s search division is now in a state of panic and has issued a “code red” about the technology. Microsoft, on the other hand, sees this as a chance to finally end Google’s monopoly on the market for search engines.

According to those in the know, Microsoft is preparing to release a version of their Bing search engine that use the same AI technology as ChatGPT to provide results for certain searches.

According to a story by The Information, when Microsoft invested heavily in OpenAI, the inventors of ChatGPT stipulated that Microsoft might include certain features of ChatGPT into Bing once the technology was complete.

Online search query recommendations are generated using an earlier version of GPT. Plans for incorporating Dall-E 2 into Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator, where users may offer a descriptive language prompt and have AI-created artwork produced in response, have already been disclosed.

While there is potential downside to relying on AI chatbots for answers, there is no denying the positive impact they are having on the world right now. For instance, it’s far simpler to understand, follow, and keep up with AI-backed replies that are delivered in the form of a sentence and are conversational in nature.

It would be far more helpful than the fragmented answers Google now provides to certain inquiries. Instead of referencing an unrelated website or providing a series of links that may or may not lead to the information you need, just answer the question directly.

GPT is not designed to “continuously scour the web or give real-time information as a search engine does,” so “Bing will still depend on its own technologies to provide most search results.” Meanwhile, how Bing will check the reliability of their results is still a mystery.

Furthermore, ChatGPT may find a welcoming environment at Bing. OpenAI wants to start charging for its services, including ChatGPT, which costs a lot to maintain. Although Microsoft has been “footing the startup’s cloud bill” up until now, that is about to change.