This Is What the Apple Watch 8 Might Look Like

Every year since the original Apple Watch’s launch, the company has introduced a new version. As a result, there’s a high chance that Apple is already developing an upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7 even before it debuts in September.

Apart from a bigger display, faster charging, and improved durability, this year’s Apple-made digital timepiece received few substantial upgrades. That implies the business might be laying the groundwork for a more significant upgrade in the next-generation Apple Watch, especially in the health department – and particularly given the long reality of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Series 8 may include thermometer and blood pressure monitoring, according to rumors.

Before the epidemic, Apple had long-term health goals for its flagship wearable, with CEO Tim Cook referring to health as “Apple’s greatest contribution to humanity.”

According to a Wall Street Journal report, there are a few health capabilities in the works that could appear on the Watch Series 8 (or whatever Apple decides to call it) as soon as next year.

A blood-pressure monitor, for example, is among the features that are now available (though it may be used to detect fevers in the future). It works by measuring the speed of a pulse wave as it travels through a person’s arteries using sensors, according to the WSJ.

It doesn’t provide baseline systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings like conventional blood pressure cuffs, which are generally worn around the upper arm. It will inform you how your blood pressure is progressing rather than giving you baseline measurements.

The Apple Watch Series 4 already has a similar blood pressure monitoring feature, which is available in certain countries and regions like South Korea and Europe, where it has received regulatory clearance.

Aside from the thermometer and blood pressure monitoring, there have also been reports suggesting that Apple is working on additional features such as non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, sleep apnea detection, and vehicle collision detection.

The Series 8 could have a larger design.

The Apple Watch’s overall appearance has remained roughly the same since its debut in 2015. While a redesign to a flat-edged timepiece appears unlikely, rumors suggest that Apple may go bigger still after increasing the screen size of the Watch Series 7.

According to tweets by display analyst Ross Young, a third variant of the Apple Watch may emerge next year, joining the current 41mm and 45mm versions, which debuted with the Watch Series 7.

A new design: The Apple Watch’s toughness has been recognized.

According to seasoned tech reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is considering releasing a “rugged casing” and a rubberized exterior that’s meant for use in more severe conditions than day-to-day wear.

According to the information, Apple is targeting athletes, hikers, and persons who would typically utilize it in harsh environments.

It will have the same basic functions as a normal Apple Watch but enhanced impact resistance and protection. In 2022, Apple is expected to release the durable Apple Watch.