This device allows you to take film photos with your iPhone

Shooting with a film camera has a special allure and beauty to it. Many photographers strive for an analog aesthetic in their post-processing, even while shooting digital shots, but if you’d prefer not to spend hours attempting to repair your images in a post, this device could be for you.

This attachment, dubbed the DIGI SWAP, enables users to connect an iPhone to a film camera. There isn’t much information about it online, but from what we can gather, it seems to be the amount that positions your iPhone’s cameras in such a manner that they may take photos via the lens of a film camera.

There implies that if you have a number of old film cameras that are no longer in use, this might be a method to give them a new lease of life without having to go to the trouble of purchasing film and developing it afterward. On the camera, users may adjust the aperture and shutter speed, which are then synchronized with the iPhone app.

The DIGI SWAP seems to be a large attachment, and we’re not sure if it’ll find widespread popularity, but if you have some film cameras at home and want to capture the film aesthetic with your iPhone without doing too many adjustments, it’s something to keep an eye out for.