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These earbuds and earrings are genuine items

You wouldn’t think twice about these earrings if you saw them on the rack, yet they double as discreet earphones and include fairly huge pearls. The stud or clip-on To deliver music to your ears, the Nova Audio H1 Audio Earrings employ directed sound from two speakers hidden behind the two pearls (which are genuine).

As with Sony’s open-style LinkBuds or Aftershokz’s bone-conduction headphones, Nova claims that the technology adds “a layer of sound” to your surroundings, enabling you to hear what’s going on around you while still enjoying your music. That means they don’t cancel out sound, which is good news for athletes and anybody else who doesn’t want to completely block out their environment.

Although the speakers are placed away from your ears, Nova claims that their directional sound technology effectively blocks out any nearby noise. The audio earbuds can play music for up to 3.5 hours or be used to make phone calls for up to 2.5 hours using the four in-built microphones. The supplied charging case, which is styled to resemble a sleek earring box, allows for three full charges, for a total of around 14 hours of playtime. Earrings are equipped with a button for answering and ending phone calls and playing music.

As someone who wears earrings on a regular basis, I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility of replacing my standard studs with ones that play sound. The fact that I can use my Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with both my earphones and earrings is a major perk for me. The earrings weigh around 7.7 grammes apiece, which might be uncomfortable if you aren’t accustomed to wearing jewellery.

If you’re seeking for a convenient and fashionable way to listen to music, however, I can see how Nova’s audio earrings may be an appealing choice. Although Nova was the first to market with fashionable earphones, several companies have followed suit. Planet Beyond designed a cool set of in-ear buds in the style of a seashell, and you can get earrings that neatly connect into your AirPods.

The gold version of Nova’s audio earrings costs €695 ($753 USD), while the silver version costs €595 ($645 USD). In addition to their present distribution in Europe, Nova promises that they will soon hit shelves in the United States and Japan.