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The worst feature of YouTube is finally blocked by this Mac Safari Extension

Like me, you may have been annoyed with YouTube Shorts ever since they were introduced in September 2020. Thankfully, a new Safari extension for Mac users makes it possible to permanently delete YouTube Shorts from the browser.

YouTube shorts have never made sense to me. In the mornings and at lunch, I like to watch particular channels on YouTube on my finest Mac, and if I want to watch short videos (less than ten seconds long), I’ll use TikTok or check out Instagram’s Stories.

To my relief, Eat the Shorts has arrived. A plug-in for Safari, developed by Aaron Pearce, may remove any references to Shorts. A single payment of $1.99 or £1.79 will get you access forever in the Mac App Storeb). The dislike I have for YouTube “Shorts” seems to be shared by many.

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The fact that Eat the Shorts is Mac-exclusive and has helped me much is a bonus. When using the YouTube app on iOS or iPadOS, I’d want to be able to get Eat the Shorts notifications. Right now, by tapping the three dots above the section, you may temporarily conceal them for thirty days, but I’d like to see this feature expanded.

Unfortunately, this kind of extension might be far more restricted on mobile platforms due to restrictions imposed by Apple’s standards for the interaction between applications. Because of this, it’s more challenging to get games like Eat the Shorts running on Safari on iOS and iPadOS. It’s not inconceivable, but a solo effort could find it difficult to achieve right now.

I’ve been using YouTube as background music (opens in new tab) as I work today, and Eat the Shorts has already solved YouTube’s main issue for me, and for that little one-time payment, it’s all I need.