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The top AI startups this week include Dataiku, Zappi,, and others

According to Crunchbase, in 2013, financing to AI-using firms totaled $3 billion, with less than 1,000 deals. Over 4,000 AI startups raised a total of $69 billion in 2021, but only about $38 billion this year.

That’s still a mound of cash, so in anticipation of 2023, we’re launching the first VentureBeat weekly summary of artificial intelligence company news. Recent news stories on expanding businesses include the following:

For “Everyday AI,” Dataiku has successfully raised a massive late-stage fundraising round of $200 million.

Dataiku, a provider of data science tools for developing AI software, raised $200 million in a late-stage fundraising round in 2022, continuing the company’s success from the previous year.

To design, develop, and implement new AI capabilities into daily business processes, the firm bills itself as the platform for “Everyday AI,” where data and domain experts may collaborate.

A press statement from 2022 claims that the artificial intelligence firm now has more than 500 customers, including more than 150 of the world’s top corporations, and more than $150 million in annual recurring revenue.

Second, Zappi, a market intelligence business, has raised $170 million to fuel more actionable insights.

Zappi, a market intelligence agency, aids businesses in their quest for knowledge on marketing, advertising, and new product development. It’s a company that has been helping businesses improve their insight gathering capabilities since 2012, when it first opened for business.

Zappi has raised $170 million in additional capital to expand its technology and go-to-market initiatives. The firm believes there is possibility for development despite the current economic climate.

Steve Phillips, CEO and cofounder of Zappi, told VentureBeat, “Our goal is integrating human experience into software for the analysis, interpretation, and sharing of data that will help customers make better decisions.” He believes that in order to cut expenses, businesses are searching for new ways to streamline their processes and increase the amount of automation they use., a platform for accounting automation, has raised $52 million.

The Norwegian startup claims to be “pioneering the use of autonomy and intelligence to digitally alter accounting and financial processes to boost efficiency, decision-making, and ROI.” The company launched in 2017.

To date, the company has raised a total of $115 million, including the latest infusion of $52 million. CEO Alexander Hagerup says the funds will be used to increase customer acquisition in North America, broaden the scope of the company’s artificial intelligence solution to include corporate credit cards, purchase orders, and bill pay, and develop new features for the platform.

“We always understood that effectively automating back-office accounting labour was simply the beginning of what our AI can achieve for financial teams,” Hagerup stated in a news statement. We foresee a time where artificial intelligence processes most cost transactions, allowing for more efficient and reliable month-end closures for our clients.

Beamery’s personnel lifecycle management business brings in $50 million in revenue, 4.

The leadership of London-based Beamery is confident that their AI-powered people management platform will meet current and future regulatory requirements, therefore they are continuing to expand it. This week, it brought in $50 million.

Companies including J&J, the BBC, General Motors, and Uber are among Beamery customers. When it first opened its doors in 2014, the company’s main focus was on its ability to aid businesses in their search for suitable employees. Beamery’s platform has expanded over the years to encompass a wide range of talent lifecycle features, such as skill development and mobility thanks to advances in the company’s capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Sana, a business that developed a platform for teaching AI, raised $34 million in 2018

With headquarters in Stockholm Sana was established in the same year with the goal of utilising AI to facilitate internal education and communication.

In addition to providing customised learning suggestions and an AI writing assistant that can produce material on the fly, Sana also boasts an AI-powered semantic search that can help employees find the information they need, regardless of where they may be located inside the company. To give workers with answers in natural language, the platform links and indexes resources like as Slack, Salesforce, Notion, LinkedIn Learning, and Google Workplace.

A news statement claims that the additional capital would be used to continue developing Sana’s products and growing the company’s staff in all three of its locations (Stockholm, London, and New York).

Sixthly, LexCheck, a contract assessment platform driven by artificial intelligence, has raised $17 million.

Located in New York In order to develop its contract acceleration and intelligence platform, LexCheck has received $17 million. LexCheck employs AI techniques, such as natural language processing, to streamline routine tasks associated with contract drafting and negotiation.

The financing follows a period of rapid expansion, during which the company’s customer base tripled in size, as reported in a news statement. Many of the major banks and legal companies in the world are among its clientele.

LexCheck CEO Gary Sangha noted in a news release that in today’s “how-to-do-more-with-less economy,” the capacity to expedite income and execute on business choices normally delayed by extended discussions is crucial for enterprises.

Infinity AI, an artificial intelligence firm based on synthetic data, has just raised $5 million

Infinity AI, headquartered in Los Gatos, California, provides a platform that can take a single real-world video and generate hundreds of identical, fully tagged synthetic films.

By combining physics-based simulations with generative approaches and providing a self-serve API, the firm is able to produce hundreds of movies with the required statistical distributions of camera location, lighting conditions, avatar appearances, and more.

Infinity AI, with the help of a $5 million seed investment, will release the Infinity Marketplace, a sizable open-source market for fabricated datasets.