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The new strawberry filter on Google Meet is pure nightmare material

Google Meet is widely considered to be among the most useful video conferencing tools available. Meet has a number of filters that may be applied to your video stream in real time, presumably adding some levity and humorous value to the conversation if you want to use it for regular virtual family reunions and informal get-togethers. There were just a few noteworthy additions to this collection of filters, but it is constantly expanding. But we’re not sure whether you should rush to utilise them this Christmas season.

The three new filters from Google go by the names loghead, strawberry, and working bunny. In the normal fashion, they attempt to pique attendees’ attention during meetings. However, when you know how the other person normally appears in photos, the strawberry filter might be downright terrifying. We can’t conceive of a scenario in which this filter would be useful, and being stalked by a ravenous strawberry as we sleep isn’t one of them. The functioning rabbit filter, on the other hand, is a lot of fun to play with.

It is up to the discretion of the workspace administrator whether or not to provide users access to these features. Workspace Education users are not permitted access by default, but anybody with a personal account may utilise them. Keep in mind that the effects and filters you apply won’t be saved for the next time you use the meeting room, phone, or other shared space. They also can’t be used in tandem with a simulated backdrop.

We can’t help but go back to Google’s Emoji Kitchen from earlier this year, when you could mix and match the thumbs up emoji with random things like spotted mushrooms, a mermaid tail, cherries, crabs, pizza, and chopped logs. Use as many or as few filters as you wish for your merry virtual get-togethers this year.