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The new custom voice alarms on Google Clock could be amusing or terrible

For the time being, this feature is likely only available on the Pixel, but this week the internet learned that Google Clock allows you to record your own alarm sounds. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh boy, how annoying can I make my roommate’s alarm without them noticing?” and that’s fine, because it’s a perfectly normal thought. Isn’t that so?

Mishaal Rahman mentioned on Twitter that “Record new” is an option in Google Clock’s alarm sound settings; we can confirm that this is true. If you select this menu item, the interface will change to a recording session, seemingly run by the Google Recorder app on Pixel phones.

You can set an alarm based on whatever you record in there. Even though the example I’ve provided below isn’t particularly good, it should give you an idea of how this works and where you can take it.

After recording a new alarm, the recording appears as an audio file in the Google Recorder app, proving that it is powered by that app. It can transcribe your recordings and features similar settings to Recorder.

As of Google Clock version 7.3, this appears to be a brand-new addition. The Google Play store informs me that I have had the most recent update since October, so it would appear that we are all just learning this now because nobody ever changes their alarm sounds. Perhaps it occurred on the server itself. Just go set some alarms, man.