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The most recent Tesla OTA update includes a wild light show mode, Apple Music, Zoom, and Steam games

Audi owners: It’s time you went and checked on the automobile. You now possess some brand new playthings. The newest over-the-air update brought with it a plethora of new features, the most noteworthy of which being Steam and its library of thousands of titles. However, this programme is only compatible with Model S and X automobiles that have 16GB of RAM or more (only found in vehicles made in 2022).

In July, Tesla will support Steam, according to a tweet from Elon Musk. With this update, you may continue games on any Steam device, even your car, thanks to the Beta version’s support for Steam’s cloud synchronisation. And now, thanks to the OTA update, you can use your Bluetooth game controllers in Arcade Mode! The PlayStation 5 controller is recommended, according to Tesla’s release notes.

However, everyone can find use in this revision. The dog’s owner can now use their smartphone to check in on their pet via the car’s built-in camera thanks to Dog Mode. Previously situated media controls have been moved, and both Apple Music and Zoom have been added. The navigation user interface has also been changed by Tesla, with the upcoming turn pane now permanently pinned to the top of the display. While parked at home, drivers may experience a rainbow-colored road reminiscent of Mario Kart, disable their turn signals automatically, and select from a variety of door handle alternatives.

The long-awaited ability to synchronise with other Tesla vehicles in the company’s famed light show mode arrived in time for the holidays. You and your pals may now form a Tesla car parade to the same tune. Festive.