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The most recent Atlas video from Boston Dynamics shows a robot that can run, jump, and now also grab and throw objects

The newest demo of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robot has been revealed. The robot’s feet allowed it to run, leap, and traverse difficult terrain. The robot can now do certain manual tasks. This simple set of grippers breathes fresh life into the robot. When given the power to freely take and set down anything it can carry, the Atlas transforms into something more like to a human.

The gripper, which resembles a claw, consists of one stationary and one movable finger. According to Boston Dynamics, the grippers were designed for heavy lifting and were initially shown off in a Super Bowl commercial in which Atlas hoisted a keg above its head.

In the films uploaded today, the grippers can be seen carrying a bag of tools and a piece of timber. The Atlas then grabs a 2×8 and uses it to connect two stacks of boxes, creating a bridge. After grabbing a toolkit, the Atlas sprints over the bridge and into the rigging. The Atlas, however, seems to have grasped that the tool bag has to be transported to the upper story of the building, and so, the bag is hurled a great distance. “Atlas’ culminating move, an inverted 540-degree, multi-axis flip, adds asymmetry to the robot’s movement, making it a considerably more challenging talent than previously achieved parkour,” says Boston Dynamics of the robot’s last trick.