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The Material You theming is baked into the account switcher in Google Messages

Over the last several years, Google has been updating its own proprietary applications to reflect the company’s Material You design concept. The guiding principle behind this approach is to provide those applications an individual feel while preserving a uniform aesthetic. Most of the Google Apps’ user interfaces now use the dynamic colour theming introduced with Material You; only the account switcher remains unchanged. This will likely change in the near future, since a new account switcher with Dynamic Color theming has been seen in Google Messages.

The messaging app’s account switcher has been changed to reflect Material You’s theme. However, it seems that the latest update isn’t generally accessible just yet. There is no question that it will eventually be made public, and when that time comes, you will be met with a clean sheet that puts your current account front and centre. Material You’s colour picker engine allows you to choose the background colour of the window that appears when you

Currently, the backdrop of the active account field matches the rest of the pop-up, and a line separates it from the rest of the sheet. The “Manage your Google Account” button, now square, will soon be redesigned to be rectangular with rounded edges. For the time being, that switch is hidden within a pill. Once this update rolls out to the masses, the sheet itself will also get rounded edges.

This isn’t the first time this shift has been seen, either. According to 9to5, this modification first appeared in Messages in September. It’s not only Google TV that uses this rounded rectangular button; a few other first-party applications have done so as well.

Since the update has not yet been sent out to all users, Google is likely doing the final touches before making it available to the public. However, you should expect similar updates to eventually roll out to all Google applications, not only Messages.

This new look may seem like a little change to a component of the user interface that you don’t use very frequently (unless you have numerous Google accounts), but it’s really an important milestone in the evolution of Material You.