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The iPhone 15 Pro Max will come from a different supplier, according to Apple

With the iPhone’s manufacture, Apple may start to seek elsewhere outside Foxconn.

TrendForce, an analytics company, has released a fresh report stating that Foxconn is facing severe production delays for the iPhone 14 series. The firm is having trouble keeping up with demand for the iPhone 14 and its variants, notably the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, because of the persistent labour crisis and the recent loosening of COVID limits.

Since the outbreak in Zhengzhou, where one of Foxconn’s facilities is situated, “the capacity utilisation rate of the base yet to reach over the level of 70%,” Foxconn said. The analytics business has lowered its projections for iPhone manufacturing in 2022 due to the company’s failure to keep up with demand.

For the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple is looking elsewhere

Apple has supposedly hired another firm to aid with the creation of the iPhone 15 Pro Max once production begins in the new year, using a same strategy it used to meet iPhone 14 production.

In addition, “Apple has also taken choice of selecting Luxshare as one of the assemblers for the next iPhone 15 Pro Max,” the report said. Luxshare is currently an Apple production partner for a variety of accessories, but this would be their first crack at iPhone manufacturing.

This would be the first time that an organisation other than Apple’s longtime manufacturing partner, Foxconn, took over iPhone manufacture. Similarly to Foxconn’s facilities in China, Luxshare’s factory that is anticipated to create the iPhone 15 Pro Max is also situated in China.

As of2023, Apple is said to be planning to enhance manufacturing of products other than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is scheduled for release that year. The firm is working to increase output with its suppliers in India and Vietnam by 100%.