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The Google Pixel 7a leak indicates improvements to the camera, battery, and display

New information on the Google Pixel 7a has surfaced, providing a glimpse at the device’s purported display, battery life, and camera upon its 2023 release.

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski, who has a better track record than most when it comes to phone leaks, claims that the Pixel 7a will have a display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, up from 60Hz on the Google Pixel 6a.

The screen seems to be remaining put at 1080p, although an increase in refresh rate to match that of the basic Google Pixel 7 would be appreciated and result in a more fluid user interface (the Pixel 7 Pro, as you might know, goes up to 120Hz).

Cameras and power supplies

A 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor plus a 13MP Sony IMX712 ultrawide sensor, as claimed by Wojciechowski, could represent a major upgrade over the 12MP+12MP dual-lens camera on the Pixel 6a.

Last but not least, wireless charging (although sluggish wireless charging) is said to be included in the phone, marking yet another improvement over the model it replaces. However, the battery capacity has not yet been confirmed; the Pixel 6a from last year has 4,4110mAh.

The Pixel 6a was unveiled at Google IO 2022, which took place in May of that year. There is a good probability that Google will repeat this in 2023, however we don’t yet know the specific dates for the next IO conference.

Great potential in the middle range

After reading this, I feel more confident in purchasing a Google Pixel 7a. All of the improvements are significant and ought to have a noticeable impact on how satisfying it is to use and own the smartphone.

Due to the worldwide epidemic that we’ve all been experiencing, the Pixel series’ midrange performance has slowed. The Google Pixel 5a, released only in the United States and Japan, didn’t differ much from the Pixel 4a it replaced.

The Google Pixel 6a was more accessible, but we didn’t like for it because of its short battery life and sluggish charging times. Google is well aware of how difficult it is to distinguish oneself from the crowd in the mid-range market.

It’ll be fascinating to see how much the rumoured Google Pixel 7a costs when it eventually launches, given the series’ specialty has been keeping prices low while providing a taste of premium-level specifications and features.