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The display space on your Android tablet is better utilised by Google’s Discover feed

Google’s dedication to tablets received a significant boost with the release of Android 12L, in anticipation of the Pixel Tablet. While there is no shortage of applications designed expressly for the best Android tablets available, Google has recently prioritised adapting its own first-party apps for the larger screen. To that end, Google has adjusted the Discover feed for tablets to make greater use of the larger display.

Many Google applications have added functionality optimised for tablets in recent months. Examples of applications that benefit from split-screen mode include Slides, Drive, and Keep, all of which have recently added the ability to drag and drop images between them. Tablet versions of the Play Store and the Google app’s Discover feed have just received streamlined navigation drawers on the side. The latter is currently undergoing further user interface modifications to better suit tablets.

Your Discover feed in landscape mode will now have three columns of recommended articles, rather than the previous two. This design decision makes good use of the extra real estate afforded by the tablet’s bigger screen, allowing more material to be shown without sacrificing readability. Even if you rotate your tablet to portrait mode, the feed will still display in a two-column format.

Each item in Google Discover is now shown in its own card, allowing for a cleaner experience, particularly when using the app’s dark mode, as seen in the photos above. It’s not just a static grid of square boxes, but the programme plays around with the height of these cards to keep things interesting.

Changes have been made to the Pixel experience, including the Discover feed on the impending Pixel Tablet. In addition to having a backdrop colour that matches your wallpaper, the page will also have a new row at the top called From your applications, which will display information from apps like Google TV that you have on your device.

The Pixel Tablet isn’t required to access the new three-column layout. This UI update is available on newer tablets like the Galaxy Tab S8 series and is live with the newest beta version of the Google app (v14.2.7.26).