The celebrity-focused Google service is the latest to go away, Cameos

If you’ve already searched a celebrity, such as The Rock, you may have seen a few videos under “Top questions addressed” on their Search card. These are from a service called Google Cameos, which you’re probably not acquainted with. It’s just for celebrities and other high-profile individuals, and it allows them to record video responses to popular inquiries, which will then appear in their search results. But, given that it was created by Google, it was had to be eliminated sooner or later. Cameos is the latest ex-Google server to join the ever-growing list of ex-Google servers.

Celebrities and creators who have already recorded Cameos on Google will no longer be allowed to do so after February 17th. Similarly, after this date, any Cameos they’ve previously recorded and released will no longer appear in search results. For all intents and purposes, they will be lost forever. Google claims that the service was an invite-only experiment from which it learnt a lot (isn’t two years a little long for a pilot? ), but it now wants to focus on other content development initiatives.

It isn’t like it’s a big deal; after all, just a few renowned celebrities have used it. I’ve only ever found Cameos videos by The Rock, Kevin Hart, and Kylian Mbappé, despite being a zealous Google searcher. It’s also not a service for regular people like you and me — it’s invitation-only, and has been since the app’s inception in 2019. It fulfilled a specialised function for a niche market, and as a result, it failed to attract consumers.

Unless you’re a superstar who’s used Cameos, you can utilise Google Takeout to download your footage so you don’t lose access to the few videos you’ve shot – assuming you care about them enough to do so. You have until March 17th to do so, after which they will undoubtedly be permanently erased.