The Anker 4-Port 120W USB-C Power Brick

The $120 Charger from Anker may be a nice option if you regularly transport several USB-C devices or are in charge of keeping your family’s electronic gadgets charged up. Despite its tiny stature, it includes four USB-C ports that are capable of discharging up to 120W at once. There are two 20 watt ports for phones or tablets and two higher-power ports, one of which is capable of providing up to 100W (or 90W if you have a phone plugged into one of the 20W ports).

High-power bricks with four USB-C ports are not particularly common. Now that so many devices support the standard, charging bricks with four USB-C ports aren’t exactly convenient. Plus, you should be able to charge a maxed-out 14-inch MacBook Pro and a phone at the same time while charging it at 120W, but it’s a bummer that you’ll have to do so at 90 / 20 instead of 100 / 20 (we’ll get into some more oddities about this in just a moment).

The Countess II LED Smart Charger, which costs around $70, has all of the features that you’d expect from a high-quality smart charger. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its low price tag, but it does have some drawbacks. It uses a nearly five-foot cable instead of flip-out prongs (though it is detachable). You may also want to keep the chart indicating that it changes output wattages around.

Depending on which port you’re using and how many gadgets you have connected, you will receive distinct charging speeds. While it’s true that each port can’t provide 100W no matter what, it won’t be possible to just plug in your most power-hungry laptop without contemplating.

Fortunately, the two USB Type-C ports on the right should be able to charge phones at a reasonable rate in almost any configuration, and icons will tell you which ones are for phones or higher-powered gadgets. While we don’t yet have the ideal charger, this seems like a decent addition to the line. If you own a lot of USB-C devices and need to charge them all at once using a relatively small brick, the 547 Charger is well worth considering.

If you still have any USB-A gadgets, Anker has the 100W PowerPort Atom PD 4 with two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports for $110 with a $20 discount code. (There’s also a 65W version with one USB-A port for $70 if that appeals to you.) Consider purchasing two-port USB chargers from firms like RavPower and Anker if you prefer to travel light and use low-powered devices.