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Nvidia fixes numerous security flaws in GPU drivers

To prevent “code execution, denial of service, escalation of privileges, information leakage, or data manipulation,” Nvidia has fixed a number of vulnerabilities in its GPU Display Driver.

Its flagship GeForce and RTX line of graphics cards, as well as the NVIDIA Studio platform, were all addressed in the security advisory, which patched a total of 29 vulnerabilities of varying severity.

The newest data shows that Nvidia is still well out in front of the GPU competition; in Q3, Nvidia had 88% of the GPU market, far ahead of AMD’s 8% and Intel’s 4%, as reported by Jon Peddie Research (JPR).

Which threats were most significant?

The most severe vulnerability was assigned the identifier CVE-2020-34669 and a severity level of 8.8. This had a flaw in the user mode layer where an ordinary, unprivileged user could make changes to essential programme files.

CVE-2022-34671 ranked second with a score of 8.5 and is another instance of a user mode layer vulnerability where an ordinary, non-privileged user might trigger a “out-of-bounds write.”

NVIDIA recommends that users safeguard their systems from these vulnerabilities by installing the latest software updates from the NVIDIA Driver Downloads website.

As an alternative, you can access the vGPU software and NVIDIA Cloud Gaming upgrades through the NVIDIA Licensing Portal.