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The $100 iPhone 12: Low-Key the Best Phone Deal of 2021

OK, so iPhone 12 offers have been around for some time now due to the introduction of the latest iPhone 13, but Apple’s recent $100 price cut on all 12-series devices has breathed new life into the lineup.

This new mid-range pricing option is a tempting choice for those who are still using an older phone, especially considering that the iPhone 13 is essentially a small step up from the 12.

You may get a great deal on an iPhone 12 by trading in your current smartphone. Add Apple’s lucrative trade-in incentives, which are currently setting new records, and you’ve potentially got yourself a very cheap flagship here.

Is it really preferable to the iPhone 13? You’ll discover a complete analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing these lesser (but older) iPhone 12 bargains in late 2021 below.

Let’s start with Apple’s official store, where you can currently get the iPhone 12.

The Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini have dropped in price by $100.

Save $100 – Apple has lowered the upfront price on iPhone 12 contracts by a whole $100 in response to the introduction of the new iPhone 13.

This somewhat older phone is now even more appealing as a result of this. To make things sweeter, Apple’s own trade-in program is currently giving rebates of up to $790, although keep in mind that older phones won’t save quite as much money when traded

To begin, eagle-eyed iPhone bargain-hunters will have noticed that the same trade-in values apply to both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 at the official Apple store now.

That implies you’ll not only receive a $100 price reduction on the iPhone 12, but you’ll also receive the same amount off if you want to exchange an older smartphone like an iPhone XR or 11.

If you traded in one of them, for example, you’d pay just $359 for an iPhone 12 right now – a fantastic deal considering how capable this phone is.

There’s also the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed: how little of an upgrade the iPhone 13 is over the iPhone 12. When you see that a new model’s standout features are longer battery life and greater storage capacity, it’s clear that there hasn’t been much of a jump.

Other upgrades to the chip and camera are welcome, but the iPhone 12 already excelled in those categories and will continue to do so through 2021. In other words, if you’re on a tighter budget, it’s definitely worth considering an older phone.

Bottom line: It’s all about trade-ins.

However, there’s a compelling argument for opting for this week’s iPhone 13 offers instead – and that’s if you’re thinking about trading in your phone in a few years. These days, the iPhone deals market revolves around trade-ins, with a few exceptions here and there.

If you want to save money down the road with a later release, keep your device in excellent working order as a general rule of thumb. If you do a trade in an iPhone before it reaches the end of its useful life, Apple will check to see if your device is still functional and eligible for a trade.

That way, when your phone approaches the end of its useful life, you’ll be able to sell it back to Apple for the best possible payout. As you’d expect, the more recent the device, the better the trade-in.