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Telegram can now be joined without a SIM


The fact that Telegram supports numerous accounts, channels, and other capabilities makes it seem like it was developed before WhatsApp. A new upgrade, designed with consumers’ privacy in mind, has been introduced.

In a recent blog post, the firm revealed that new users may now join Telegram without providing a SIM card as part of the registration process. To be more precise, you’ll need to use the Fragment platform to acquire a disposable phone number.

Notably, these anonymous numbers are only compatible with the Telegram app. But if you don’t want to use your regular phone number with Telegram, this is a great alternative (e.g. privacy).

Can you tell me about the other enhancements this version has made?

As part of the upgrade, there are other features added to Telegram as well. New conversations will now automatically erase, groups will have better topics support, there will be an “aggressive anti-spam” option, and you may have a temporary QR code made so that others can add you without knowing your username or phone number.

Emoji search on iOS, more custom emoji for Premium users and interactive emoji are just a few of the changes coming to Telegram in the near future.

The business has also verified that the Android app’s storage use page has been updated to make it consistent with the iOS app’s. This allows you to see how much space each conversation is using and remove certain sorts of material at once (e.g. deleting all videos in a chat).