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Starbucks will now be delivered across the US by DoorDash

According to a business blog post, DoorDash will soon begin delivering Starbucks food and drinks across the whole United States. Launching in certain areas of Northern California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida at the beginning of February, the service will spread to the rest of the United States in March.

The agreement allows customers to utilise the DoorDash app in place of the Starbucks app for placing orders. About 95% of “its core menu” will be available through the service, and consumers will be able to personalise their orders just as they would with the Starbucks app, according to Starbucks.

At initially, DoorDash only offered delivery of Starbucks items in a few chosen locations last year. These were Atlanta, Houston, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland, and New York City.

Starbucks claims it would utilise “stickers” on drinks and “delivery-specific cupholders” to keep beverages secure throughout transport to your home. However, I have my doubts about how well these measures will hold up under the stress of sudden stops and twists. Other firms like GrubHub have to deal with concerns about “hidden prices,” thus DoorDash takes sure to indicate any fees you may pay while purchasing your favourite Starbucks beverages through the app. DoorDash claims that DashPash subscribers receive free delivery and the “lowest” service rates on purchases of $12 or more, however this may not always be the case.