It’s December, and that means it’s time for Spotify’s annual end-of-the-year Wrapped. 2020 has been pretty terrible and capping everything off, this year’s Wrapped adventure is one of those godawful “stories” every service (including Spotify) is loading themselves up with. At least you get a playlist loaded with your top songs from the year after you sit through the tedious process, and there are two new ones to go with it.

There are two entirely different versions of Wrapped this year, though Spotify doesn’t make that distinction immediately clear. If you visit the desktop site, you’ll see the generic experience that describes the most popular artists and songs globally. But the personalized experience is only available in the app this time around — probably because it’s a StOrY.

The story has a huge 15 parts and takes several minutes to wade through (as the various parts can’t be skipped between), making the whole process a little obnoxious. Many of the sections feel superfluous, but it’s a pleasantly narcissistic tour through your musical tastes for the year, and it includes some interactive elements like quizzes regarding your top podcasts, decade, and artists. You’ll also earn a handful of badges depending on categories of achievement, like listening to a song before it hit 50K plays or accruing plenty of followers in your playlists.

My Top Songs for 2020

Joining the usual Your Top Songs playlist for 2020 are a few new playlists to augment the experience: Missed Hits, a discovery playlist filled with songs from this year you may not have heard, and On Record, which mixes some of your favorite songs with talk and interviews from those musicians.

Among global trends, Spotify points out that Bad Bunny was its top streaming artist globally, though The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights earned the top song streaming spot for the year. The Joe Rogan Experience, newly a Spotify exclusive, earned the platforms’ top podcast spot.

To check out your top songs for the year, fire up the Spotify app and look for that new 2020 Wrapped section, and be sure to save the playlists it generates.