Sony Suspends Orders for Mirrorless Camera amid Chip Shortage

Sony has stopped taking orders for one of its newest mirrorless cameras, demonstrating how serious the worldwide chip shortage continues to be for technology firms. The Sony ZV-E10, which was just introduced in July, is once again being subjected to a “temporary suspension,” according to a new notice and apology from Sony Japan. Due to “limited supply,” Sony announced that it would “stop accepting orders from our distributors and customers at the Sony store.”

It appears that the ZV-E10, which we rank as one of the finest vlogging cameras, has been discontinued. However, it’s part of a string of Sony camera suspensions that began with the Sony A6400, Sony A6100, and older full-frame Sony A7 II camera less than two weeks ago.

It’s been a long wait for the Sony ZV-E10, but retailers in many countries have already listed it and many other Sony cameras as backordered or out of stock.

Only a few days after Canon announced that its new mirrorless flagship, the Canon EOS R3, is unlikely to be available until mid-2022 for new purchases, with the firm adding that “delivery may take more than six months.”

Sony is not the only camera firm suffering from the worldwide chip shortage, but its difficulties are affecting almost the entire range of its cameras rather than just a single model. With Sony clearly putting more emphasis on its more expensive full-frame models like the new Sony A7 IV, very few of its APS-C cameras are readily accessible these days.

What does it imply for cameras in 2022?

The shortage of microchips will continue to have an impact on camera production well into next year, according to a recent report. There had been optimism that the chip scarcity’s ramifications would just last until 2021, but this news suggests that camera problems could last well into 2020.

According to the most recent CIPA statistics, camera shipments for the month of October were down considerably from last year, which is at least in part due to hardware shortages. This has necessitated firms like Sony making judgments about which components of their lineups to prioritize – and, in some cases, suspending global orders for certain cameras.

The ZV-E10’s absence has left many disappointed vloggers out in the cold. This is a shame for anybody looking to acquire a mid-range camera, particularly for vlogging, since the ZV-E10 is one of the finest around, along with its smaller Sony ZV-1 sibling.

Sony’s comment indicates that the ZV-E10 camera’s conclusion is not yet premature, with the firm adding that it “will consider” restarting orders “while observing the status of parts supply.” So while Sony’s main attention is clearly on full-frame mirrorless cameras, its ‘one mount’ approach will continue to include models with smaller APS-C sensors; you may not be able to get them until midway through 2022.