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A popular iOS 16 camera feature might soon be available for your Android smartphone

For a change, it seems like Google wants to adapt a popular feature from iOS 16 for a next version of its OS, rather than Apple designers improving upon an Android feature and incorporating it into their devices.

Apple introduced Continuity Camera, an upgrade for iOS 16 and macOS Ventura 13, at WWDC 2022. Instead of using your Mac’s built-in webcam, you could utilise a top-tier iPhone running the most recent operating system and take use of its superior cameras, microphone, and video effects.

It’s possible that the best Android phones could be used in a similar fashion with the help of third-party apps, but changelogs for the Google Open Source Project suggest that a feature similar to Continuity Camera could become a baked-in feature for a future version of Android (via Mishaal Rahman on Twitter).

Its current name is ‘DeviceAsWebcam,’ and as the name suggests, it would enable users to transform “an android device into a webcam.” But at the moment, we know very little about the feature itself.

It appears to support a wired USB connection, which means you’re not tied to a specific computer operating system like with Continuity Camera. However, it’s not clear if the Android version will include features like Desk View (which lets you see your desk and face at the same time), Centre Stage (which keeps you in the shot), or Studio Light (which makes you appear brighter than the background).

More so, we have no assurance that DeviceAsWebcam will be implemented any time soon. Depending on how far along the tool is in development, we may not see it until Android 15, which is at least a year away, or perhaps Android 16, however it’s likely that it will ship with Android 14.

DeviceAsWebcam may be among the new features coming to Android handsets, but we won’t know for sure until Google reveals them at Google I/O2023, its large annual developer’s conference, which we estimate to be in May.