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Someone posts images and makes an attempt to sell a prototype Pixel Tablet

Sometime in 2023, Google will release its Pixel Tablet. Even though no one knows when it will be available to the public, a prototype was reportedly being sold on Facebook Marketplace. (Why do Pixel preview builds always break?) A Twitter user named ShrimpApplePro discovered the item, which features the first images of the anticipated Google tablet and the base device that transforms it into a smart display.

This is a 256GB model of the tablet, and it’s quite unusual to see the gadget in black. The white speaker dock, though, doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the design. Naturally, it runs Google’s latest mobile operating system, Android 13, which has all the cool new features for tablets.

There is currently no word on a pricing or delivery date, despite the fact that the Pixel Tablet and Pixel 7 were both formally unveiled in October 2022. The hardware was made to resemble Google’s Nest Hub smart display, and when docked, Android 13 may enter “hub mode,” which seems to have been made for this specific device. We don’t know whether the Pixel Tablet can flip into a 10-foot “docked” interface, but if it can, it may resemble the Nest Hub software. All images show a device with the standard Android tablet user interface.

From what we can gather, we may assume that it will use the same Google Tensor G2 SoC as the Pixel 7 and the future Pixel 7a. Aluminum, but with a “micro ceramic coating inspired by the exquisite feel of porcelain,” according to Google. The tablet’s supposed “soft, matte, and textured feel” will result from this. The tablet is docked and charged via a series of pogo pins and magnets on its rear, and the dock also provides access to a larger speaker.

After seven years away, Google is finally making a comeback to the tablet market with the Pixel Tablet, which will run the Android operating system.