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Security experts all over the world are the target of this new phishing campaign

A new phishing attempt has been uncovered, with the goal of stealing bitcoin and acquiring personal information from cybersecurity experts and hacking enthusiasts.

Flipper Zero, a portable multi-tool for pentesters, hackers, and researchers, is key to this assault. It may be used to test out various radio protocols (like Bluetooth and NFC) and access control systems (like RFID).

The tool was initially a very successful Kickstarter project, however it had several difficulties during its actual manufacturing. So, there was a huge gap between demand and supply, which gave hackers a golden chance. Now, investigators have uncovered a plethora of bogus Twitter accounts advertising these false internet companies offering Flipper Zero. The “L” in “Flipper” is really a capital I and this is a case of typosquatting on the part of one of the accounts. It has been said that these accounts are quite lively, with a comparatively rapid response time to client inquiries.

Information and code theft

Those who click on the link will be sent to a phishing checkout page where they will be asked to provide their email, complete name, and physical address. In addition, cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin or Ether) is the sole accepted form of payment on these sites. Researchers, however, report that the wallets indicated on the bogus businesses are empty; this suggests that either no one fell for the deception or the tricksters are often changing their addresses to avoid being doxxed.

The corporation is making futile efforts to stop the epidemic, which has already extended to Instagram. The firm recently posted on Twitter, “Dear @Instagram and @InstagramComms, there are hundreds of phoney and scam accounts impersonating our legitimate Flipper Zero Instagram account.” Accounts like this are an attempt at phishing and money laundering. We are unable to file a report since we do not qualify for the coveted “blue check” status.

In 2020, a successful Kickstarter campaign was launched for Flipper Zero. Although the campaign’s starting point was$60,000, it ultimately raised more than $4.8 million. The early adopters’ success stories were spreading like wildfire throughout social media, where they were enjoyed by a captivated audience and used to further promote the product. PayPal’s retention of $1.3 million for months hampered output, however.

The Flipper Zero team claims the payment provider withheld the money in September 2020 without giving an explanation and, after a short back and forth, chose to cancel the company’s account, putting the whole project in jeopardy. After hiring attorneys and waiting until late 2020, Flipper Zero eventually received $980,000 (or about 75 percent of the total), but withheld around $350,000 to “mitigate any claims.”