Report: Apple to Bring Health-Monitoring Features to Future AirPods.

According to leaked documents, Apple’s health intentions for AirPods may extend beyond using them to improve conversations. According on-the-record statements from Wall Street Journal sources, Apple is looking at a number of options for using AirPods as health gadgets.

According to the sources, some of the features will not be available until 2022 and may not be accessible at all.

Apple would face several barriers in marketing AirPods as health gadgets. The firm may well need regulatory clearance for at least some functions. A US Food and Drug Administration ruleset that is scheduled to go into effect in 2022 could make it possible, but the earbuds may take months to approve.

There are also technical difficulties to consider. AirPods Pro won’t last longer than 4.5 hours for listening (with noise cancelling on) and 3.5 hours for calls right now, which is simply not enough for health trackers that may need to sit in your ears all day.

It’s easy to understand why Apple would want to broaden the AirPods’ usefulness. As with the Apple Watch, health may be a selling point that attracts more users beyond the enthusiast core.