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Recently, Google Meet improved its captions

In response to user demand, Google Meet’s built-in real-time translated captions functionality now supports a wider range of languages.

English calls may now be translated into Japanese, simplified Mandarin, and Swedish, the firm said in a statement on the Google Workspace updates blog. Meanwhile, we can now interpret calls from French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish into English.

In January2022, the company announced and began testing a technology that will translate conversations in real time, making it easier for everyone to understand and participate in meetings regardless of their native language.

Accessible subtitle translation on Google

Although the real-time caption translation tool in Google Meet is a wonderful attempt to bring people together from all over the world, Google is determined to limit its use to the business sector.

It can only be used in meetings that have been set up by users with a certain set of Google Accounts, all of which fall under the Google Workplace umbrella. In this category are the Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade plans.

It’s not known whether or when Google Workspace Individual customers or personal Google accounts will be able to see translated captions.

This function has always been accessible on the web and mobile devices, and it has translated English meetings into French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Furthermore, Google has stated that “standard” captions are now accessible in Japanese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and traditional Mandarin for all Google Workspace users. Users with a Google Workspace Individual account continue to be excluded.

Both features are automatically enabled for businesses with qualified Workspace accounts, so IT administrators can focus on other priorities.