Re: LoL or Dota?

The theme for Piltover’s Sheriff, Caitlyn, was updated. A brief video featuring the song also shows many of Runeterra’s best shot L Skins.

Caitlyn’s basic skin has stayed relatively the same. Her distinctive features, such as her purple top hat and gown, are all still there. She does have a few details that stand out, including a new collar and sleeves for the dress, combat pants with knee pads, and minor modifications to her rifle.

The pool part of the name, ‘Caitlyn,’ is a reference to one of the most popular female characters in North American and British culture: actress and pop icon Marilyn Monroe (1926-62). The acronym ‘MC’ stands for ‘marriage counselor,’ which was Monroe’s occupation.

Officer, Arctic Warfare, Resistance, Sheriff, and Safari Caitlyn are but a handful of her previous splashes that have undergone a substantial visual transformation. These splashes’ art styles were extremely antiquated and needed to be updated.

The final skin shown in the video is Caitlyn’s newest Arcane skin, which will be available in November.

Players who were around when she initially debuted in 2011 might enjoy seeing Caitlyn with some new flare.