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Pornhub’s channel is blocked by YouTube due to “multiple” rule infractions

According to an initial report by Variety, Pornhub’s channel on YouTube has been disabled due to “many” infractions of the site’s community guidelines. Google claims that Pornhub’s account broke YouTube’s external link policy by directing visitors to pornographic content that isn’t allowed on the site.

According to YouTube’s Jack Malon, who talked with The Verge, “Upon examination, we cancelled the channel Pornhub Official following several breaches of our Community Guidelines.” We take policy violations seriously and will delete accounts that consistently distribute illegal material.

Before it was removed, Pornhub’s YouTube channel boasted almost 900,000 followers and promoted the website and its performers with video that was appropriate for work settings. The firm “vehemently denies” charges that it posted or linked to pornographic content, and it has an age restriction on YouTube videos requiring users to be 18 or older.

“Pornhub maintains the very finest trust and safety safeguards on the internet,” a Pornhub official tells The Verge, opting for anonymity due to doxing concerns. “Unfortunately, this is only the latest instance of discrimination against individuals in the adult sector, a trend witnessed throughout social media and all walks of life, particularly when organisations dishonestly link consenting adult material with exploitation.”

Months after Instagram permanently banned Pornhub’s account for posting pornographic, adult, and sexually soliciting content, word of its removal from YouTube has surfaced. Instagram, like YouTube, argues that Pornhub enticed its users to visit a third-party site for explicit material. In an open letter following the removal, Pornhub criticised Instagram for deleting its “completely PG” account while allowing other authors to continue posting “nudity and overt sexuality with no penalties.”