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Perhaps you could create your own Apple AR/VR headset applications

There have been rumours for a long time that Apple is working on an augmented reality/virtual reality headgear, and now there are fresh leaks about app development for the device that suggest anybody will be able to make their own augmented reality experiences for it.

Apple is developing software development tools to simplify the app-making process. More useful applications will be developed, increasing the headset’s marketability.

According to the article, customers now have the resources to create their own applications using Siri. This means that users can just describe the augmented reality experience they want, and Siri will follow their instructions to create it.

Optimal health

The article describes how one may use Siri to create an app that simulates the movement of animals around a space. It may be constructed without any knowledge of programming or computer graphics.

It’s important to keep in mind that the story’s sources are from2021, so their claims may be stale by now. What’s more, the material is definitely unverified and unauthorised. Of course Apple would want to streamline the app creation process to the greatest extent possible.

Additionally, the source states that Apple is developing augmented reality material for the headgear, with a focus on health and wellness. The gadget has the potential to be used as a meditation tool, allowing the user to relax in front of a digitally created environment of their choice.

Maintaining a pattern

It seems that Apple is following a trend in the industry by making its augmented reality software development tools as easy to use as possible, with the eventual goal of increasing user engagement.

Parents who have kids online will likely be familiar with Roblox, a platform that makes it as simple to create games as it is to play them. Apple may be aiming for a similar effect here.

The very popular Minecraft is yet another example of a game serving as a framework for the development of other games and settings. In addition to being fun in and of itself, the versatility of Roblox and Minecraft is a major contributor to their widespread popularity.

Apple needs a wide variety of applications if it wants to sell a lot of its AR/VR headset (or mixed reality headset, if you prefer), and this may be the ideal way to do it.