Oura Ring 3 with Sleep Tracking and Analysis is Now Official.

Oura’s third-generation ring rollout was unanticipated, to say the least. The Finnish health-tracking ring debuted in 2015 to considerable acclaim (some of which I gave). It’s simple, accurate, fashionable, and the almost universal selection for organizations and groups interested in detecting early warning signals of Covid.

Early feedback, on the other hand, has been disappointing. It’s not because the firm has drastically altered how the ring looks or works; rather, it’s because Oura is now a subscription business.

Oura hedged its bets a little. The first six months of the subscription are free, and if you’re upgrading from a Gen2 to a Gen3, you’ll get a free lifetime membership (but only if you buy before November 29!).

In and of itself, a subscription model isn’t ridiculous—other health trackers, such as Whoop and Fitbit, need them. Those devices are far less expensive than the Oura. However, there is nothing quite like the Oura on the market right now.

The Gen3 ring looks very similar to the Gen2. To obtain a ring that fits you properly, use Oura’s sizing kit to measure your index or middle finger.

Your sleep, activity, and stress are measured in three categories—your body stress, sleep, and activity. Every morning, you receive a Readiness Score based on how well you performed in each of these areas. If your score is 85 or above, you’re ready to tackle any physical endeavor.

I’ve been wearing the Oura for a few months, and I’ve been double-checking it with a Whoop band and an Apple Watch Series 7.