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Officially, YouTube wins the NFL Sunday Ticket from Apple

YouTube has officially partnered with NFL Sunday Ticket, the famous subscription programme that enables fans to live watch every out-of-market NFL game.

Google announced the arrangement in a blog post and as a result, the next season of NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels.

The NFL, according to Commissioner Roger Goodell, “happy to usher in a new era for NFL fans throughout the United States by offering NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. This relationship is just the latest sign that the NFL is looking forward to the future and cultivating its next generation of fans.”

The CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, has claimed that “YouTube has always been a place for football fans, whether they are streaming live games, keeping up with their home club, or watching the finest plays in highlights. This new agreement between the NFL and YouTube will bring the game fans love to YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels in exciting and original ways. As our partnership with the NFL continues, we look forward to making YouTube an even better destination for sports fans worldwide.

A combination of high prices and inadequate virtual reality capabilities apparently doomed Apple

This is big news for football lovers since it means NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on other platforms than DIRECTV. With a YouTube account, an internet-connected device, and either YouTube TV or YouTube Primetime Channels, sports fans no longer have to be at home to watch their teams play.

This is a huge change in how sports fans may watch live events, since the addition of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube will allow them to do so in a whole new manner. It also demonstrates the increasing relevance of online video streaming services in the sports journalism industry. Apple has a similar deal in place with Major League Soccer that will begin in 2023, and they already broadcast Friday Night Baseball in conjunction with Major League Baseball on Apple TV Plus.

According to reports, Apple TV Plus failed to land the NFL Sunday Ticket arrangement because of a dispute over price and Apple’s plans to integrate the service into its anticipated virtual reality headgear.