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Microsoft Teams Now Shows Exactly When You’re Mentioned in Calls

A new addition to Microsoft Teams might put an end to any rumours you may have had about your coworkers’ behind-the-scenes gossiping.

In the near future, Microsoft Teams members will be able to see detailed logs of every meeting in which their name was mentioned, including the date, time, attendees, and topic of discussion.

The upgrade to Microsoft Stream provides a more user-friendly interface for managing your video conversations and meetings, and it also makes it possible to fast-forward to the specific part of a session that you need to address.

A few of the things that Microsoft Teams talks about

Timeline markers, according to its presence on the official Microsoft 365 road map, will assist users in finding specific instances of their name being spoken during a conversation.

Users will be able to clearly see the new markers (to indicate a mention) as icons above the video timeline. Additionally, the markers may be customised so that only you can see when your name was spoken.

However, not all Microsoft Teams users will have access to this at launch. For the time being, the firm says, access will be restricted to those who have either signed up for the preview of Microsoft Teams Premium or paid for the Microsoft Teams Premium upgrade.

This may indicate that the feature is currently in testing mode and may be made accessible to a broader audience in the near future. The feature’s first build is scheduled for release in February 2023, so we won’t have to wait too long to give it a try.

Microsoft Teams Premium is now available and provides a number of enhanced capabilities in addition to expanded opportunities for customisation.

The platform provides businesses with the means to increase their visibility in meetings by means of the incorporation of their own logo, personalised backdrops, and Together Mode sceneries. Users may choose from a variety of meeting kinds that can be modified by IT departments, streamlining the setup process and getting the correct settings in place sooner.

“Intelligent recap” is one of the new features that utilises AI to transcribe sessions and can even translate them into 40 different languages in real time, making meetings more accessible to people of all backgrounds. The AI can also highlight key points during meetings and organise the minutes into chapters so that just the information you need can be accessed quickly and easily.