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Now you can prevent the PS5’s mega beep from disturbing the neighbourhood

Do you ever wish you could play your PS5 late at night without worrying about the terrible beep waking up the whole house? Some astute players have figured out how to activate the system without causing themselves any unnecessary stress.

Everything hinges on downloading the PS Remote Play software to your iOS or Android device. Connecting through data (such as 4G / 5G) with WiFi turned off is the key to awakening the PS5 console without the hellish sound.

A silent restart of the PS5 should follow after that. After that, you may exit the app and pick up your DualSense controller to play some of the top PS5 games in peace. Since the release of the system, the picture of a sleeping spouse being forcibly awakened by the loud beeping of the console rising from rest mode has circulated online as a meme.

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Is there a way to silence or reduce the PlayStation 5’s chime?

The PlayStation 5 has the loudest first chime of any PlayStation system. Even though both the PS4 and the PS3 make noise when switched on, the current-generation console takes the cake for loudest startup chime ever. There is currently no way to adjust the level of the PS5’s start-up beep or disable it completely unless you use this work around. If you want to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or UFC 4 while your girlfriend sleeps next to you, you may want to consider enabling remote play for quiet beginning of the system.

Though, the PS5 and your smartphone are good for more than just silent boot-ups. In addition, you may access the PS Plus Game Catalog and download titles to the system remotely. To instal a game, just locate it in the PS app’s Game Library and tap on it. Clicking “download to console” will start the content download on the attached machine, which will then wake up and start operating normally. It might make a noise while doing so, but perhaps no one would hear it.