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Now that we are aware of the reason for Street Fighter 6’s later release date

You’ve certainly heard that Street Fighter 6 will be released on June 2 of this year, but that’s far later in the year than regular players in the series are accustomed to.

Big Street Fighter games have always been out early in the year prior to Street Fighter 6. Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya knows this, and he discussed the game’s extended production time with Game Informer (opens in new tab).

Rarely do games realise their full potential, delivering what the development team aimed for, as Tsuchiya puts it. “Due to time constraints, limited funding, or other factors, compromises are almost always necessary.

But it looks like we haven’t really had to make any type of omissions or concessions for this game in terms of the essential elements that Nakayama-san [Street Fighter 6’s director] intended to achieve with his dream project.”

Tsuchiya might be alluding to the 2016 controversy surrounding the release of Street Fighter 5 with his remark. Initial reaction to the PS4 fighter was muted because of its limited character pool and absence of offline game modes and material.

The final roster for Street Fighter 5 had 45 playable characters, thus the game did ultimately mature into a robust offering. The bulk of its downloadable content may now be purchased at a discount in the Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition.

Refraining from making the same errors

Capcom seems to be trying to prevent a hasty second launch. Street Fighter 6 seems to have more features and content at launch than its predecessor. Even though the official character previews for the game’s starting roster have yet to be released, it seems that there will be more playable characters on launch day than there were in Street Fighter 5.

The World Tour feature in Street Fighter 6 is a full-fledged single-player campaign where players may create their own character and “learn techniques” from recognisable Street Fighter characters who function as mentors. In addition, all of Street Fighter 5’s game types are returning, so there should be enough to do from the get-go, whether you choose to play online or not.

The Covid-19 epidemic has not made Street Fighter 6’s creation any simpler. But it’s encouraging to know that Capcom plans to provide a complete and well-polished game on release day.

You hope that the game’s extended time in the oven will turn out to be beneficial in the end. Thankfully, the two closed beta testing that have occurred thus far have generated a lot of favourable feedback.

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