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Next year, Samsung might discontinue one of its most well-liked Galaxy A-series devices

Good mid-range alternatives between Samsung’s large budget selection and luxury phones may be found in the Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A53 is still a fantastic option; it’s well-balanced and competitive with the Pixel 6a. Recent rumours suggest, however, that Samsung will be shaking up its Galaxy A series in2023, and that the company would likely forego offering an upper midrange Galaxy A7x model at all.

Due to its lack of success in the United States, the Galaxy A73 from this year hasn’t received much attention from Samsung. Samsung’s pricing was so similar to the Galaxy S21 FE in the areas where it was released that consumers were likely encouraged to instead purchase the Galaxy S21 FE, a more competent model that was more in line with the flagships. This redundancy in Samsung’s higher midrange devices has long been a point of criticism, and it seems that the firm has now chosen to take action to address the problem.

A fresh report by Galaxy Club argues that 2019 will not see the release of a successor to the Galaxy A73 due to a total lack of evidence supporting the model’s development. Unlike the Galaxy A54 and other future models, which have been referenced here and there, the Galaxy A74 has yet to appear in any of the outlets’ regular sources of information, such as firmware leaks or pre-launch testing. It’s conceivable Samsung is simply playing this one close to the chest, but it may mean the phone doesn’t exist.

In 2023, the Galaxy A54 seems like it will be the most expensive Galaxy A-series phone anywhere in the world. A recent leak provided a detailed look at the phone in the form of CAD-based renderings, showing a design that is lifted directly from the premium Galaxy S23 series.

Earlier this year, Samsung was compelled to discontinue the Galaxy S22 FE of its own own in order to ensure the continued viability of its premium portfolio by allocating all available chips to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This, however, does not rule out the possibility of a future Fan Edition release. Reportedly, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S23 FE in 2023 to fill the hole left by the Galaxy A74. However, this might yet alter at the last minute.