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More People Need to Watch the Best Netflix Show After “Stranger Things”

If you’re like the vast majority of Stranger Things fans, and you’ve just completed watching Season 4, you may want to check out Dark, the finest programme on Netflix.

“Dark” is one of the rarest things in television: a programme that never falters in its ability to entertain viewers. Every aspect of life is dominated by the three seasons.

Dark is a mystery series at its heart. Like Stranger Things, Dark’s first season centres nearly entirely on a missing child’s disappearance and subsequent investigation. It’s not a parallel world, but rather 30 years in the past that the kid has disappeared to in this episode. At one moment or another, Before Long Dark works in a variety of time zones and dimensions.

Everything is in the dark. It pulls off story twists so intricate and intertwined that they make Westworld appear like a pretend-clever kid show. In addition to being a well-written examination of strained family ties and the anxiety that comes with living in a small town, it merits its unexpected turns.

With aplomb, the programme manages the inherent dangers of time travel stories. In Dark, the story is so complicated that I make a game out of waiting for it to disintegrate. I waited patiently for Dark to fall under its own weight for three seasons, but it never did.

You have to see it to believe it.

The worst thing you can say about Dark is that it’s pompous. Instead of revelling in camp and begging you to watch humorously like other time travel dramas like Outlander, Dark takes itself fully seriously. Almost relentless, you would say.

When you’re watching Dark, you’re expected to be invested in what’s going onscreen. There are several clear allusions to Ariadne and the Bible throughout the story. While this would normally be enough to cause my eyes to fall out of their sockets and roll back into my skull, Dark proves that it is genuinely excellent enough to maintain such grandiose expectations.

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You’d want to add Greek mythology and classic literary references to your compact storyline, brought to life by stunning performances and great writing? What right do I have to refuse? Dare to live.

One of the nicest things about Dark is that the quality never dips, unlike other “prestige” programmes. There are no “wilderness” seasons as in Lost. Such are episodes that may be skipped. In contrast to Game of Thrones, Dark does not scurry to its climax or compromise the development of its characters for the sake of the story. No, it’s consistently excellent from beginning to end. There’s nothing else like it. It’s not on Netflix, at any rate.

So, why, oh why, is there no discussion of this? Why isn’t Dark trending on Twitter, given how consistently good it is? Why aren’t people enraged by spoilers or getting into arguments on Facebook that might lead to the loss of friendships? No one, not even Netflix, seems to have noticed that the last season of Dark has just been released on Netflix.

The “complex” nature of the issue may be a contributing factor. Maybe. As a result, Dark may be a challenge to follow and requires a deep knowledge of a family tree that spans numerous timeframes. Is Netflix not doing enough to promote Dark? Possibly. My interest in Dark was piqued by the premiere of Stranger Things. There are a lot of more popular programmes that appear in the suggestions.

The German heritage may be a factor. Although Parasite won an Oscar for best picture, I believe subtitles are still a major barrier for many people. No matter how much I like American networks, I can imagine one of them acquiring the rights to Dark and making an English-language version of the programme.

Either way, Dark deserves to be seen by a larger audience.

You can’t miss it. Streaming service subscribers get access to three seasons of excellent television. Game of Thrones-style shite, Dark won’t let you down. Deadwood and Westworld are two examples of shows that either don’t wrap up, or don’t make sense.

Darkness may be found immediately to the right. To be discussed and contemplated. Obsessive in nature. It’s a good idea to watch it.