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Microsoft Teams’ newest version is available to try right now

A new “premium” service from Microsoft Teams is now ready for testing, which is great news for anybody who wants more out of their experience with the platform.

The latest edition of Microsoft’s video conferencing platform is called Microsoft Teams Premium, and it comes with a wide variety of improvements and additional opportunities for customisation.

A product manager for Microsoft Teams named Margi Desai recently announced in a blog post that “today we are delighted to report that we are making Microsoft Teams Premium generally accessible for preview as a restricted trial for our business clients via the Microsoft 365 admin portal”. The offering’s features started rolling out in December and will continue to do so through January.

Office 365 Microsoft Premium-Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Premium, which was unveiled for the first time in October 2022 at the company’s Ignite event and promised to make meetings more customised, intelligent, and secure, has piqued the interest of the IT community at large.

With the latest release, businesses may increase their visibility in meetings by adding their own logos, backdrops, and Together Mode sceneries. Users will be able to choose from a variety of meeting styles that may be modified by IT departments, making it simpler to get things going quickly.

“Intelligent recap” is one of the new features that utilises AI to transcribe sessions and can even translate them into 40 different languages in real time, making meetings more accessible to people of all backgrounds. In addition to recording sessions, the AI can highlight key points and organise them into chapters so that just the information you need may be quickly accessed.

Watermarking sensitive papers and restricting recording rights are just two examples of the kinds of cutting-edge security technologies that will keep firms safe from breaches. Meetings may be conducted using end-to-end encryption, and sensitive labels can be applied to discussions to stop their replication without permission.

In addition to virtual green rooms and sophisticated virtual appointments, Microsoft Teams Premium will soon include additional host and event management features for webinars, such as a registration waitlist, manual approval, and custom registration start and finish timings.

Customers with an active Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription will be able to buy Teams Premium as an add-on to their current Microsoft 365 services in February2023, when full documentation for joining the preview will be published on the Microsoft blog.